About Us

About Us

VidiStar, LLC is based in Greenville, SC (USA) and has developed a web-based diagnostic viewer and patented structured reporting solution (US Pat. No. 8,200,505) for medical imaging and clinical decision support. VidiStar's technology allows physicians and health care providers the ability to read and interpret diagnostic studies over local area networks and wide area networks for timely interpretation, distribution, and improved patient diagnosis. VidiStar is a 2012 and 2013 Innovision Award Winner and a 2008 and 2010 SCLaunch Portfolio Company.

Our Philosophy

VidiStar's philosophy is to keep things simple. Our aim is to provide the best products, with the greatest features to meet our customers' demands. We continually evolve, and do so to ensure our customers have the very best products in their clinical settings.  VidiStar works with any and all computer hardware vendors and DICOM imaging systems.

Our Mission

To provide a wide-range of clinical fields with a cost-effective, leading edge medical imaging and reporting solution using the latest technological standards for image interpretation, clinical analysis, and medical reporting.

Our Innovation Bundle

Predictive Analytics, Decision Support, and Data Mining for Today's Value-Based Medicine

  • Configure data content based on national standards for predicting health conditions, structural disease(s), abnormalities and trending.  Intuitive notification via email, text, or GUI of statistical constraints
  • Report administrative configuration of patient measurements and/or critical values for setting conditionals and associated outcomes. Pre-populate structured report phrases based on parameters
  • Using predictive analytics, decision support mechanisms, and algorithms to identify and/or enforce medical decisions focused on targeted patient procedures (e.g., heart valve replacement), reduced length of stay, improved acuity and patient management

Fast Internet Speed

  • Remote reading capability
  • Superior image quality compared to conventional technology

Online DICOM Structured Reporting

  • Patented (US Pat No 8,200,505) Technology
  • Physician-friendly point and click reporting

Affordable Cost and Flexible Payment Options

  • Software Sales
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Cloud
    • Hybrid (onsite installation)