• Physicians Benefit From VidiStar

    “VidiStar® PACS provided an excellent value for the money when compared to similar competitors without compromising functionality and/or support. Its remote internet viewing capability has afforded me the opportunity to reduce my study time and improve my workflow resulting in more patient referrals and an improved quality of life.”

    Dr. Sterling - Houston, TX


"Today while outside of my home office on a walk, I received an urgent request to help with a consult. I opened the VidiStar mobile app on my smartphone and was able to see an important abnormality on the CT scan for that patient.  To expedite care, I was then comfortable calling the ER doctor from my mobile phone, instead of waiting until a full video consult could take place.  This saved us all valuable time in developing a plan of care. The key was seeing that abnormal CT on mobile VidiStar to expedite decision-making."

Dr. Barbash - Maryland

  • Educators Say...

    “We are using the VidiStar PACS as an image portal for the training of medical students and medical residents in clinical ultrasonography. The image analysistools such as pan/zoom, annotating, measurement, and multiple image display are especially helpful in instruction of students learning to acquire quality ultrasound images and how to interpret them. The user log-in and password to access the software along with secure socket layer connections when students access the portal from the Internet has been essential for our program. Overall, we are most pleased with the performance of VidiStar PACS software and the excellent VidiStar staff assistance as we set up our portal has been especially appreciated.”

    School of Medicine, University of South Carolina

  • NASA Trusts VidiStar

    “Scientists at NASA Ames Research Center successfully used the VidiStar Standalone Viewer software to view and analyze complex 2D electrocardiogram data collected during Zero-Gravity parabolic flights.”