VidiStar Partners with GMI - VidiStar’s Web-based PACS and Reporting Software Brings New S

VidiStar Partners with GMI - VidiStar’s Web-based PACS and Reporting Software Brings New S

Greenville, SC (March 25, 2013) – VidiStar, LLC announces a partnership with GMI, a leader in medical device sales, services and imaging systems with its headquarters in Charlotte, NC.  With its headquarters in Greenville, SC, VidiStar is a leading developer of web-based PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and patented, online structured reporting software for the medical imaging market.  GMI’s ultrasound and nuclear medicine customers can benefit greatly from VidiStar’s cost-effective PACS solution with instant access to superior, high-quality images and robust reporting features.


“Since their launch in 2002, GMI has developed a highly professional reputation and seasoned sales force,” says Craig Walker, CEO and Founding Partner of VidiStar. “Their customers are very similar to ours, and the products and services they offer for physician offices and hospitals complement ours. The result is a great synergy between VidiStar and GMI.”


“At GMI, we recognize that our customers need a streamlined workflow and seamless software integration,” states Dave Lamoureux, Director of Sales and Marketing at GMI. “VidiStar delivers a highly flexible platform that gives our physicians the capability to read and diagnose studies from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection. Their software package has tremendous value for our customers and we are excited about the partnership.”


Wilmington Surgical Associates (WSA) in North Carolina experienced firsthand the benefits of the partnership between GMI and VidiStar. Having been a GMI customer since 2007, they knew GMI as a reputable source of industry knowledge. So when the GMI sales representative recommended VidiStar’s PACS software, they gave it a look even though they were within a week of signing a contract with another company. Once they saw VidiStar’s system, there was no question it was the right solution for their needs. Dr. Thomas Eskew, MD, FACS, Vascular Surgeon and Director of Vascular Labs at WSA, explains, “VidiStar’s software has the same features as high-end systems, but is much more cost-effective for private practices. It is highly customizable, and unlike other systems, with VidiStar I don’t have to buy a certain number of licenses. I can load the software on one computer or 50.”


VidiStar's PACS and reporting software can be purchased as a capital expenditure and installed locally, used on a pay-per-study basis through Cloud technology, or utilized as a hybrid combination of the two. Their innovative platform is the world’s only patented online reporting system and complies with guidelines set by the IAC, ICAEL, ICAVL, and AIUM for nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, vascular, and ultrasound.


For more information, please contact:

Craig A. Walker, MHA

VidiStar, LLC

PO Box 8539

Greenville, SC 29604 

Phone: 888-518-7541



About VidiStar

VidiStar, LLC, based in Greenville, SC (USA), has developed a web-based diagnostic viewer and patented structured reporting solution (US Pat. No. 8,200,505) for medical imaging products based on the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard. VidiStar's technology enables physicians and health care providers the ability to read and interpret diagnostic studies over local and wide area networks for timely interpretation, distribution, and improved patient diagnosis. VidiStar has extensive experience in integrating with other picture archiving and communications system (PACS) companies as well as electronic health/medical record vendors. Learn more at


About GMI

GMI, LLC is a Charlotte, NC (USA) based medical device sales and service organization. GMI has provided flexible and affordable diagnostic imaging solutions to the private practice and hospital markets since 2002. Specializing in ultrasound and nuclear medicine modalities, GMI sells and supports a wide variety of OEM and smaller equipment manufacturers. GMI’s field service presence has increased dramatically in response to a growing customer need for quality service at reasonable rates.  In addition to equipment sales and service, GMI also provides equipment training, replacement parts and probes, and probe repair. Learn more at



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