VidiStar used at Super Bowl

VidiStar used at Super Bowl

Houston, TX (February 3, 2017) – This opportunity came about through our association with Athletic Heart, a Delaware-based medical screening company that is modernizing and mobilizing preventive screening of professional athletes---not just former NFL players, but also for other professional, collegiate and even high school sports programs.

Athletic Heart helps teams screen and evaluate athletes to ensure that their hearts are ready to endure the stresses of their sport. And while pre-season physicals have long been required by most teams at every level, Athletic Heart has streamlined the process by bringing the equivalent of a hospital imaging department to the team rather than vice versa. The Athletic Heart team consists of medical technicians, IT specialists, licensed sonographers and cardiologists. They perform a battery of tests on each athlete that may include ECG’s, echocardiograms, carotid artery screenings, ABI’s and more. These on-location screenings have big benefits for sports teams because they are completed quickly and professionally, eliminating scheduling hassles and testing inconsistencies.

But one of the biggest benefits provided by Athletic Heart’s on-location screenings is that the medical images and data that are collected is automatically uploaded to VidiStar’s cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS) where all can be accessed by team physicians, authorized specialists and others who are granted access. A player’s current test data and images can be compared to previous years’ data; to team averages or to accepted medical standards. Areas of concern can be flagged for closer scrutiny or for continued testing---all with the objective of keeping athletes healthy and avoiding preventable problems.


The long-term health of NFL alums is of special concern because of the physical stresses that players face during their careers. So, during the week leading up to Super Bowl LI, The NFL Player’s Foundation in conjunction with Tulane University contacted Athletic Heart to screen 130 retired NFL players who were in town for the big game.

The screening event drew positive reviews from everyone involved and bodes well for an expanding working relationship between Athletic Heart and the Player’s Foundation.

As for VidiStar, we are pleased to have had the opportunity to “get in the game.”


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